The common thinking is that salt and sugar are the most dangerous substances when taking in excess. However, in today’s article, we will show you what is even more dangerous and the scary part is that we consume it on a daily basis.

The substance known as E621 or in other words sodium glutamate is a common additive which is used in almost every restaurant in order to give the food a better flavor.

This white crystalline powder has the same look as salt and it can be added to any food. It will increase your appetite and confuse the brain when to stop eating.

As the medical experts explain this substance stimulates the cells in the brain and it has the same effect as a drug. It penetrates the brain and it changes the genes which are responsible for the sense of taste.

Common foods and beverages that are abundant in sodium glutamate are sausages, salami, frankfurters, chips, prepared soups, cans, beer and many others.

NOTE: The safe dose of this ingredients is 1.5 grams for adults per day and for children half a gram. Symptoms of overdose are Dizziness, Migraine, Vission problems, Hormonal imbalance, Nausea, Chest pain and many more.

This ingredient was first discovered by Ikeda Kikunae in 1907 in Japan. It not only improves the taste of the food but also the aroma and flavor. Therefore, any awful food can taste great thanks to this substance. However, that doesn’t go without consequences.

In one research the mice that received this substance lost their eyesight, so experts suggest that needs to be used carefully.

That is why when you start eating chips, chocolates, snacks etc. it seems you can not stop eating. As for that, it is very beneficial for producers and big companies.

So now production companies can carry less about their product quality because they can make it tasty anyway. Therefore, you should be very careful when you buy your food, and read the information on the product packaging. You should avoid foods that contain this harmful substance and you should always use natural spices in cooking.


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